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This project examines the cooperation of rhetorical worldmaking and anthropomorphism in the historical portrayal of insects in Western society. Why have we referred to the habitat of insects as "the insect world" since at least the eighteenth century? What happens to the environmental rapport between humans and insects when we think of them as "otherworldly?" What are the similarities and differences between human beings and insects, and which should be emphasised? Are insects more like robots than animals? What is the relationship between microscopy, entomology, and the rise of scientific romance and science fiction? These are some of the questions addressed in the monograph.

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This project will analyze debates, conflicts and negotiations related to architecture and exhibition in Norwegian natural history museums during the decades around 1900. In addition to the international discourse on museum buildings, exhibition and collection technology will be included, particularly paying attention to how the Norwegian museums approach this discourse.

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Human fascination for animals and celebrity has a long history. In my project, I look at cases where the two are combined: what happens when the fascination for one animal becomes so strong that it is turned into a media celebrity?


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This project will examine whether the relation to animals and nature also ca be said to function as an index of the relation to alien cultures.

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The project examines a selection of stuffed animals in Gothenburg Natural HIstory Museum and analyzes them as, respectively, natural history illustrations, cultural representations and actors with a biography.

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This project will study aestheticizations of the inner landscape of the body through different literary and visual presentations that may be related to the vital force debate.