Cultural Memory and Sacralisation of Places (completed)

The project investigates the role of religion in our time - in relation to the memory of cultural forms and practices.

Children's Memorial, Hiroshima

About the project

The project analyzes the role of religion in contemporary life, linked to memories of Cultural Heritage and practices. Through the sites, monuments, memorials, festivals, celebrations, and rituals, the past is not only "remote and alien," but characterized by a "here and now." The story "takes place". The sites and rituals are often subject of sacralisation. They are charged with symbolic meaning, are added "magic" qualities and are characterized by a time different from the profane and everyday life.

The analytical and thematic perspectives are primarily selected from Western theories, but comparative questions of cultural differences, both within Western cultures and the relation between east and west, are also of interest. It might for example be interesting to ask whether the new focus on sacred places and sacralized celebrations are typical for western countries alone, or can be seen also in other cultures.


The main objective is to establish collaboration between different disciplines and researchers at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS).

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Otto Krogseth


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