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European Ethnology in the 20th Century (completed)

This project is a historiographic study of International cooperation and networks.

Posted book. Two people in a colorful drawing on the left page. And on the right page its printed Art popularie.

About the project

Since the early 20th century, European ethnology and folklore, with their predilection for regional or national studies and their focus on describing and charting popular culture, has strived hard to become a comparative, academic discipline. In order to overcome the problems associated with diversity of methods and the isolation caused by geographical, political and linguistic borders, international cooperation has been regarded as important. The first permanent result of this internationalist striving was la Commission Internationale des Arts Populaires (CIAP, 1928-64), the forerunner of la Société Internationale d’Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF, 1964-d.d.).


The project focusses on the development of these organizations, with their satelite commissions for cartography, bibliography, terminology, etc., and the international scientific journals. It also includes a more general survey of the accademic historiy and development of folkloric and ethnological institutions in the 1900s.

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