Previous seminars and conferences


26th of May 2009:  ”Iran at the Crossroads - the 2009 Presidential Elections”, held at the University of Oslo by the Gulf Research Unit.

Key note speakers:

Dr. Fariba Adelkhah  - Women in the Iranian Elections
Dr. Trita Parsi - Beyond Dialogue – Can Washington live with a rising Iran?
Professor Ahmad Sadri - Frequent and Flawed Elections of Iran: Three Decades of Demo-theocracy
Professor Hadi Salehi Esfahani - The Iranian Economy: Past Performance and Future Prospects
Dr. Kjetil Selvik - The Iranian Elections and the Economy
Dr. Yadullah Shahibzadeh - The Presidential Elections and Local Politics

22nd of November 2009: ”Dynamics of Political Change in the Gulf: Implications of Electoral Politics in Iran and Kuwait”, panel held at the MESA Annual Meeting 2009 in Boston.


Bjorn Olav Utvik (University of Oslo) – Organizer/presenter
Michael Herb (Georgia State University) - Discussant
Jon Nordenson (University of Oslo) - Presenter
Yadullah Shahibzadeh (University of Oslo) - Presenter
Kjetil Selvik (University of Oslo) - Presenter
James Redman (University of Utah) - Presenter

10th of May 2010: “The Next Iraqi Government”, held at the University of Oslo by the Gulf Research Unit.

Panels and speakers:

Panel I:  The Next Iraqi Government.

Participants:  Dr. Denise Natali
                        Dr. Rend al-Rahim
                        Dr. Reidar Visser
Chair:  Dr. Kjetil Selvik

Panel II:  Regional consequences of the Iraqi Elections

Participants:  Dr. Yadullah Shahibzadeh
                        Dr. Bjørn Olav Utvik
Chair:  Dr. Reidar Visser

Roundtable:  Iraq as an economic and political power towards 2020
Chair: Dr. Fanar Haddad

4th of May 2011: "The political economy of the Gulf States: - When does oil become sand in the machinery?", held at the University of Oslo by the Gulf Research Unit.
Papers and presenters:

“The political economy of Gulf democratisation”
Giacomo Luciani(Princeton University Global Scholar and Senior Consultant, Gulf Research Center, Dubai)

“Migration into resource rich economies”
Halvor Mehlum & Karl Ove Moene (University of Oslo) (co-authored with Gry T.Østenstad)

“Resource rent, demographic bonus, and economic development: Theory and evidence”
Kjetil Bjorvatn (Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)) & Mohammad Farzanegan (University of Dresden)

”Modeling OPEC behaviour”
Ådne Cappelen (Statistics Norway (SSB))

“The effects of transport regulation on the oil market - Does market power matter?”
Knut Einar Rosendahl (Statistics Norway (SSB)) (co-authored with Snorre Kverndokk)

"What determines the domestic gasoline price? Kuwait and Norway compared”
Ingrid Krüger (University of Oslo)

"Consequences of conflict for the MENA region"
Håvard Strand (The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)) (co-authored with Scott Gates, Håvard Hegre & Håvard M. Nygård)

"Oil and political survival"
Jørgen Juel Andersen (BI) (co-authored with Silje Aslaksen (UiO))


15th of September 2009: GRU-seminar on the Iranian election and its aftermath. GRU researchers Dr. Kjetil Selvik and Dr. Yadullah Shahibzadeh gave presentations on “elite conflict” and “the Green Movement”, respectively.

5th of October 2009: GRU-seminar focusing on Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Michael Herb, Associate Professor at Georgia State University and author of “All in the Family: Absolutism, Revolution and Democracy in the Middle Eastern Monarchies”, gave a presentation under the title “Parliaments and the resource curse in the Gulf: Kuwait and the UAE compared”. Moreover, James Redman, Phd at the University of Utah, spoke under the heading “Entrepreneurs of Influence: Social Capital & Negotiation in the Kuwaiti Guestroom”.

11th of November 2009: GRU-seminare where Mohammad Javad Nateghpour gave a presentation under the heading ”The Political situation in Iran”.

15th of December 2009: GRU-seminar on Iraq with Dr. Reidar Visser og the Gulf Research Unit/NUPI giving a presentation under the heading “The Iraqi parliamentary elections of 2010 – a re-run of the 2005 elections?”.

9th of February 2010: GRU-seminar featuring author and journalist Simen Sætre presenting his book “Petromania – a journey through the world’s richest oil producing countries”, focusing on the oil-rich countries of the Gulf region.

9th of March 2010: GRU-seminar with the heading “Conceptual differences between CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Zakat”, featuring presentations from Dr. Kjetil Selvik and master student Magnus Gravem.

1st of June 2010: GRU-seminar with PhD-fellow at the Gulf Research Unit Ingrid Krüger giving a presentation under the heading “Gasoline Subsidization and Oil Revenues in the Gulf Region”.

31st of August 2010: GRU-seminar featuring Magnus Gravem speaking on the subject of "CSR in Saudi Arabia".

21st of September 2010: GRU-seminar featuring Jon Nordenson, speaking on the subject of "Kuwait, the Internet and Democratization".

19th of October 2010: GRU-seminar featuring Marie Naalsund Ingvaldsen, speaking on the following subject: "Low Female Labor Force Participation in the Gulf: Cultural preferences or a necessary consequence of large oil rents?".

30th of November 2010: GRU-seminar featuring Maria Jakobsen, speaking on "Social Effects of the Educational Revolution in Qatar: a Gender Perspective".

1st of February 2011: GRU-seminar featuring project manager Dr. Bjørn Olav Utvik, on the subject of the ongoing revolt in Egypt.

22nd of March 2011: GRU-seminar featuring media scholar Tine Ustad Figenschou on the subject of  “Is the Al Jazeera Network a diplomatic and political tool for Qatar?”

5th of April 2011: GRU-seminar feturing Thomas Rem Berdal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the subject of "The Arabian Peninsula and Norway"

31st of May 2011: GRU-seminar featuring project manager Bjørn Olav Utvik on the following subject: "For God and freedom - Political Salafis in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia"


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