Tactical democrats: The challenges of democratizing the Palestinian political system

A seminar with Dr. Dag Tuastad, University of Oslo

A couple of months after the revolution in Egypt in 2011, the Palestinian political elite agreed to bury their differences and reform and democratize the Palestinian political system. They feared that if not they would risk going the way of other Arab dictators. But the agreement from Cairo 2011 has not been implemented. An important factor behind the standstill which will be elaborated upon in the lecture, is the political culture of the Palestinian resistance groups, Fatah and Hamas alike, where to protect ones’ own vision of liberation is regarded as more important than democratic representation.
Dag Tuastad holds a doctoral degree in Anthropology and is an associate professor at the University of Oslo. His main research has been on Palestinian politics, including studies on the role of kinship in Palestinian politics, Hamas' consept of a long-term ceasefire, and the democratization process in the PLO. He is currently working as a researcher on the New Middle East project at the Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies at the University of Oslo.t
Published Aug. 13, 2013 1:44 PM - Last modified Aug. 13, 2013 1:44 PM