Ane Mannsåker Roald
”Informal regionalism in the Gulf” i The political economy of regions and regionalisms, (red. Morten Bøås, Marianne H. Marchand, Timothy M. Shaw), Palgrave Macmillan dec.2005


Gulf Studies:
No 1 Kjetil Bjorvatn and Kjetil Selvik, Destructive Competition: Oil and Rent-seeking in Iran,
Norges handelshøyskole 2005.

No 2 Kjetil Selvik, The Rise and Newfound Legitimacy of Iran’s Industrial Bourgeoisie, 2005.

No 3 Bjørn Olav Utvik, The Political Formation of Contemporary Iran, 2005.


No 4 Kjetil Selvik, Neo-Cons in Power: Impacts on the economy, 2006.

No 5 Yadullah Shahibzadeh,
Emergence of the Neo-Conservatives: Break-up of Conservative Wing in Iran, 2006

No 6 Bjørn Olav Utvik, Neo-Cons in Power: End of Reform in Iran?, 2006.


No 7 Yadullah Shahibzadeh and Kjetil Selvik, Iran’s Political Community, 2007.

No 8 Bjørn Olav Utvik, Demystifying Power Relations: Iranian Reformists Challenging Theocracy, 2007.


No 9 Yadullah Shahibzadeh and Kjetil Selvik, Iran’s Political Community – part II, 2008

No 10 Bjørn Olav Utvik, Iranian Reformism: Weak Voice of the Future, 2008


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