Environmental management in a changing climate: Communicating local perspectives from the Kailash Sacred Landscape

HimalConnect arranged a stakeholder workshop together with ICIMOD and The Mountain Institute in Kathmandu, .

Policies and practices need to be coordinated both horizontally and vertically to ensure successful climate change adaptation (CCA). The workshop "Environmental management in a changing climate" brought together key stakeholders from all three levels of government in Nepal, as well as representatives from the civil society and researchers. 

Taking Limi and Namkha Rural Municipalities as the starting point, the workshop explored different questions surrounding CCA in mountain communities and how efforts can be coordinated among the government, NGOs, and civil society organizations. The participants discussed concrete challenges and solutions by considering three thematic areas: water, waste and natural resource management. 

This interactive workshop was organized by ICIMOD, HimalConnect, and The Mountain Institute (TMI). It is being funded by the Research Council of Norway’s NORGLOBAL-2 programme, Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), and UiO:Energy.


Workshop objectives

  • Sensitize the policy makers at the provincial and central government levels to local environmental management practices and concerns 

  • Initiate a discussion on how to improve collaboration in environmental management and CCA among the different stakeholders 

  • Discuss possible solutions to challenges in the areas of water, waste, and natural resource management

Expected results

  • Establish a platform for dialogue among stakeholders at all three levels of government, researchers, and civil society on how to make environmental management and CCA more effective

  • Produce an issue brief which includes key local environmental management concerns for federal and provincial policy makers 

  • Contribute to Namkha Rural Municipality’s five-year Periodic Plan and produce background documents for the municipality’s project proposals 

Published Oct. 25, 2019 1:51 PM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2019 1:51 PM