Containing religious offence in South Asia

In June 2018 we invited a group of international scholars to the University of Oslo to discuss how religious offence can be contained in ways that prevent large-scale controversies.

Photo: Aase J. Kvanneid.


Venue: Meeting room, Niels Treschows hus, 12th floor (map)

Wednesday 6 June (voluntary for early birds)

14.15 - 16.00 Book launch (in Norwegian): Kristin Hansen: Women, Religion and the Body in South Asia: Living with Bengali Bauls, in the HumSam library, Georg Sverdrup’s house (more info and map)

16.15 - 18.15  Ethnographic film screening: A Kali temple inside out (pre-premiere) by Dipesh Kharel and Frode Storaas, based on the research of Kathinka Frøystad, in Auditorium 1, Georg Sverdrup’s house (more info and map).

Thursday 7 June

09.30 Kathinka Frøystad: Welcome and introduction

09.45 - 11.00 Session one (Chair: Kathinka Frøystad)

Margrit Pernau :Communal riots and the new masculinity

Mukesh Kumar (PhD candidate): One half temple, the other half mosque: ārti and namāz in a shrine and the matter of religious contestation

Discussants: Atreyee Sen, Arild Engelsen Ruud

11.30 - 12.45 Session two (Chair: Kathinka Frøystad)

Vera Lazzaretti: Securitisation and the facets of offence at the centre of Banaras

Ronie Parciack: No offense: Who threw down the idols at Dargah Shareefuddin in Hyderabad?

Discussants: Asad Ali Ahmed, Virginius Xaxa

12.45 Lunch

14.30 - 15.45 Session Three (Chair: Vera Lazzaretti)

Devleena Ghosh: “We don’t talk about it”: Silence, concealment and distance at the Infant Jesus shrine in Bangalore

Amélie Blom: The rose with harmless thorns. Reflexive accounts on the conditions of offense toleration in Pakistan

Discussants: Ute Hüsken, Vera Lazzaretti

16.15 - 17.00 Session four (Chair: Vera Lazzaretti)

Kerstin Schier: Re-enactments of mutual insult

Discussants: Margrit Perneau, Kathinka Frøystad

Friday 8 June

10.00 - 11.15 Session five

Atreyee Sen: Religious offences, Hindu nationalist rhetoric and the politics of ‘Love Jihad’ in a Mumbai chawl

Virginius Xaxa: Religious offence and its containment among the indigenous groups in India

Discussants: Devleena Ghosh, Amélie Blom

11.45 - 13.00 Session six

Asad Ali Ahmed: Contesting and containing acusatory practices in contemporary Pakistan

Ute Hüsken: Ritual remedies

Discussants: Mukesh Kumar, Kathinka Frøystad

13.00 Lunch

14.30 - 15.45 Session seven (Chair: Claus Peter Zoller)

Paul Rollier: Containing religious offence: Common themes and omissions

Closing remarks and future plans

14.45 - 16.15 Coffee

16.15 - 17.30 CosmAlt project meeting (members and administrators)


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