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New Perspectives on Folklore (completed)

The project investigates what kind of analytic possibilities new methods of close reading in cultural history offer in confrontation with the Norwegian folklore records of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Four men i nice clothes in a library room and a long table in front with a sculpture, paper and many things. Photo.
Photo: Norsk Folkeminnesamling

About the project

From the start in 1914 up to the 1990s Norwegian Folklore Archives was the hub in Norwegian folklore studies. Since the 1990s the methodological aspects of folklore studies and cultural history have been evolving rapidly. By doing a number of small case studies in the Norwegian Folklore Archives, this project aims to examine how close readings can be applied as analytical strategies on folklore records.


By exploring different kinds of reading strategies, the main objective of the project is to examine some variations of close reading in cultural history.


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