Project on Shina Grammar, Dictionary and Texts (completed)

The project aims to comprehensively describe the Shina language of Kohistan District in northern Pakistan.

About the project

Shina belongs to the Dardic branch of the South Asian Indo-Aryan languages. At the point of departure, it was an unwritten language, and very little information was available about its phonology, grammar and folklore, even though the language is of great interest for comparative Indo-Aryan linguistics. An important secondary goal has been to promote literacy in Kohistan, where only 11% of the population can read.

The project consists of six subprojects under the previously mentioned umbrella project for a comprehensive description of Kohistan’s Shina language.

a) Completed subprojects:

  • Writing system for the Shina of Kohistan (completed 1995)
  • Primary textbook in the Shina of Kohistan (finished 1996)
  • Scholarly analysis of Shina phonology (completed 1998)
  • Grammar of the Shina of Kohistan (completed 2008)

b) Continuing subprojects:

  • Annotated texts in the Shina of Kohistan, intended as a chrestomathy (140 pages of texts have been collected)
  • Comparative Shina dictionary (begun 1989; 1500 entries are complete)
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Ruth Laila Schmidt