Reading Room on the 3rd Floor of PAM

The reading room on the 3rd floor of P.A. Munch's building is a common reading room for all Master's students at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages.

All Master's students at IKOS should automatically have access to the reading room through their student card. The student card can be obtained at the card center in the bookstore Akademika. Should you experience problems with access, please contact the reception on the 4th floor.

The colloqium room in the reading room has some kitchen facilities, and is meant to be used for resting and breaks. Be aware that noise can be heard outside the room, so please be considerate.

NB: Thefts were previously very common in the reading room, so it is recommended to use the lockers. The department is not responsible for lost property. We advise against placing personal belongings on your desk unattended.

Reading desks

There is a total of 95 desks in the reading room of which 17 are computer desks and 78 desks are free. You can find a map over the different spaces to the right on this page.

Free reading desks

The free reading desks can only be used on a day-to-day basis. The desk must be cleared every evening. The purpose of free reading desks is to ensure that students without an allocated desk can find an available space when necessary. It is not possible for students to reserve a free space on the list of reading desks.

Book cabinets

There are 96 lockers in the reading room. The students must provide their own padlocks. The lockers are numbered, and students must sign up at the IKOS reception every autumn semester. If not, the lockers will be emptied.

The lockers are on a first come, first serve basis. Those who do not have a locker, can obtain a locker in the basement of the Sophus Bugge Building through the "Filologisk forening".

IT-equipment and xerox paper

Student-IT at the Faculty of Humanities is responsible for 17 PC-desks in the reading room, wireless network in the whole room, as well as a printer. Paper is available in the IKOS reception on the 4th floor.


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