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Submission of Assignments at IKOS

Writing an Essay

Tips for writing an essay.

How to Read a Text Critically

During your time as a student, you might be asked to act as an opponent to (i.e., comment on) the paper of a peer.

Format Guidelines

Assignments that are handed in at IKOS should adhere to the following requirements.

Handing in Assignments

All assignments should be submitted in Fronter or Inspera.

Feedback on Assignments

Feedback on qualifying/mandatory assignments will be given directly to you by the teacher, either in Fronter or personally.

Academic Misconduct

Correct use of citations and references is essential when writing any assignment at the university level.

Explanations and Appeals

You may request an explanation of the grade you have been awarded and you have the right to appeal a grade.

Extended Deadline

You may be granted an extended deadline, provided you have a valid reason and documentation.

Is there anything you can not find an answer to?

Please contact, or find your student adviser.

The Front Office at IKOS:
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:30-15:00
Phone: +47 22 85 59 43
Visiting address: P. A. Munch's building (PAM), 4th floor