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Voices from Asia and the Middle East

The New Middle East

Developments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region affect the entire world. A region of internal migration and emigration, uprisings and social movements, protracted wars and persistent peace initiatives, street art and innovative literature, ancient civilizations and hypermodern cityscapes, the MENA region is inextricably interwoven with the culture, politics and futures of countries around the globe.

Through the research project New Middle East at the Centre for Islam and Middle East studies (CISM) some of our MA students present their findings, providing a glimpse into some of the research currently being carried out in the region.

Voices from East Asia

Image may contain: Gazebo, Japanese architecture, Pond, Architecture, Chinese architecture.East Asia – a far away world region, with growing influence on us all. But beyond the headlines about dizzying economic growth rates, Confucianism, and Gangnam Style, what do we actually know about it? How do voices from East Asia interpret phenomena in their societies as well as the rest of the world?