Prøveforelesning: Førsteamanuensis i kinesisk historie - Elke Papelitzky

Det avholdes fire prøveforelesninger til stillingen som Førsteamanuensis i kinesisk historie. 

Bildet kan inneholde: lydutstyr, mikrofon, teknologi, rom.


The lecture (45 minutes) is the first of twelve lectures for a first-year BA course in Chinese history entitled “How China became China: Three thousand years of history.” The introductory lecture should be on the topic of how the concept of “China” and “Chinese” has evolved over time.

The course is attended by students in East Asian area studies programmes and some from other BA programs, that have little to no knowledge of Chinese language.

Publisert 21. juni 2022 17:00 - Sist endret 21. juni 2022 17:00