Contemporary South Korean capitalism av Vladimir Tikhonov (ed.)

This anthology deals with the current state of capitalist development in South Korea in its various aspects, from economic to psycho-social, and additionally the challenges South Korean capitalism presently faces.

Unipub 2010

It presents research on South Korea’s integration into the China-centric regional economy, the state of democratic development, foreign investment, and in companies with foreign ownership. Additionally, small businesses, South Koreans’ self-perception, and militarism as a cornerstone of the South Korean statehood are covered. This book outlines the current problems facing South Korean economy and society, and shows the trajectory this country is expected to follow in the future.
Contemporary South Korean Capitalism is recommended to all those interested in Korean and, generally, North-East Asian regional studies, especially university students taking Korea-related courses.

Contributors: Yonhyok Choe, Rainer Dormels, Kevin Gray, Robert Hassink, Gabriel Jonsson, Antti Leppänen, Annette Son Ek, Vladimir Tikhonov

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