Verbal Festivity in Arabic and other Semitic Languages Proceedings of the Workshop at the Universitätsclub Bonn on January 16, 2009 av Lutz Edzard & Stephan Guth (eds.)

The common denominator of the one-day workshop, on which the volume is based, was the theme “Verbal Festivity in Arabic and other Semitic Languages”, as agreed upon by the two co-organizers. It appeared to be a reasonable idea to unite presentations about various aspects of formal and polite speech in the Semitic language area with a focus on Arabic. 

Harrassowitz Verlag 2010 

Stephan Guth opens the volume with a linguistic and cultural overview from a bird’s perspective: “Politeness, Höflichkeit, ʾadab: A Comparative Conceptual-Cultural Perspective”. Avihai Shivtiel continues along these lines with an overview entitled “Language and Mentality: Politeness, Courtesies and Gestures in Palestinian Arabic”. Pierre Larcher in his contribution focuses on a morpho-syntactic analysis of “Formules et dérivés « formulatifs » en arabe”. Geoffrey Khan addresses volitive verbal forms in his overview ”The Expression of Deontic Modality in the North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic Dialects”. Lutz Edzard deals with “Injunctive Protases and the Grammaticalisation of Elliptic Conditional Clauses in Semitic”. Andreas Kaplony concludes the volume with an analysis of economic formulae in his article “The Interplay of Different Kinds of Commercial Documents at the Red Sea Port al-Quṣayr al-Qadīm (13th c CE)”.

We wish to express our gratitude to our home institution, the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo, for generous funding of this workshop.

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