Cultural Studies in Folk Religion in Scandinavia av Anders Gustavsson

Boka tar spesielt for seg folkelig religiøsitet i Bohuslän og tilgrensende områder i Norge.

Novus Forlag 2012


Introduction 7

1 Folk Religion as a Field of Research 9

2 The Role of Religion in Everyday Swedish Folk Life 34

3 A Nineteenth-Century Peasant and Intra-Church Revival Movements in Bohuslän, Sweden 49

4 The Use of the Senses in Religious Revival Movements 66

5 Religious Contacts in Swedish-Norwegian Border Regions 83

6 The Pentecostal Movement in a Local Community in Western Sweden. The Process from a Minority to a Dominant Local Culture 106

7 The Free Friends in a Southern Norwegian Coastal District. A Local Revival Movement as a Minority Culture 159

8 Free-Church Membership and Folk Beliefs. Conflict or Accommodation? 167

9 Rumours and Breaches of Norms in a Mission Congregation 179

10 Mortal Life and Eternity. Conceptions in Different Generations of a Religious Movement compared with a Labour Education Movement 192

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