Festskrift for Gunvor Mejdell: Philologists in the World

Nora Eggen og Rana Issa har redigert denne antologien med bidrag blant andre fra flere ansatte ved IKOS - en antologi dedikert til Gunvor Mejdell med anerkjennelse og takknemlighet for hennes innsats innenfor arabisk og midtøstenstudier i mer enn fire tiår.

Forlaget skriver dette om boka:

"From the early 1970s onwards Gunvor Mejdell has had an outstandingly vital role in the teaching, research, and other academic activities at the University of Oslo. She has been a major contributor to the development of a Norwegian expertise on issues related to the languages, peoples and societies of the Middle East and North Africa, and has played an active role in the Norwegian public sphere. Internationally, Gunvor Mejdell has contributed substantially over the years in the field of sociolinguistics, as well as in cultural and translation studies.

This volume, Philologists in the World, reflects Gunvor Mejdell’s philological ethos. 21 articles both by young scholars as well as well-established international scholars in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, present a wide array of topics and themes organised in three sections: Language, Culture and Society."

Publisert 29. jan. 2018 11:17 - Sist endret 29. jan. 2018 11:17