Editorial Board

The editors welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions. Indications of their research interests are listed below.


Lutz Edzard - (linguistics, Semitic languages, Hebrew)

Stephan Guth - (modern Arabic and Turkish literature, history of concepts, languages of the Islamic World)


Aziz al-Azmeh - (Islamic history and historiography)

Frédéric Bauden - (medieval history, ancillary sciences)

Joseph Norment Bell - (Sufism, theology, religious culture)

Michael G. Carter - (medieval Arabic grammatical theory)

Agostino Cilardo - (Islamic law and institutions, Islamic studies)

Kinga Dévényi - (linguistics, proverbs)

Lutz Edzard - (Arabic and Semitic linguistics)

Antonella Ghersetti - (classical Arabic literature, Arabic linguistics)

Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila - (classical Arabic literature)

Carole Hillenbrand - (Islamic history and medieval Islamic thought)

John O. Hunwick - (Islamic Africa, history, Islamic law)

David A. King - (history of science)

Pierre Larcher - (linguistics, traditional Arabic grammatical thought)

Stefan Leder - (classical Arabic literature, culture)

Wilferd Madelung - (early Islamic history, sects)

Juan Quesada Martos - (law and science in Islamic Spain)

Alex Metcalfe - (medieval history, the Muslim Mediterranean)

James E. Montgomery - (classical Arabic thought)

Ute Pietruschka - (Greek influence on Islamic and Oriental Christian thought, Syriac and Christian Arabic literature)

Juan A. Souto - (history and material culture of Islam)

Paul G. Starkey - (modern Arabic literature)

John O. Voll - (Islamic religion, Sudan, Islam and the West)

Petr Zemánek - (linguistics, Semitics)

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