Further guidelines for contributors

Scholarly manuscripts pertaining to any of the areas mentioned in the Journal's Editorial Policy are welcome. The Journal will also consider publishing review articles concerning software, communications, book reviews, and software reviews, although such material will not normally be solicited, and books and software will not be distributed for review. (The policy of publishing submissions of these kinds is currently being reassessed.) Any software reviews submitted to the Journal should discuss primarily the relevance of the software for applications in the field of Arabic and Islamic studies rather than technical issues.

Papers will be subject to peer review by appropriate members of the Editorial Board or external evaluators selected at the Editor's discretion.

Research articles, communications, and unsolicited reviews must be submitted according to the Submission Procedures described below.

Submission procedures

For the convenience of authors, the Journal treats submission and publication as a two-stage process. All authors should follow the guidelines for submission. The guidelines for publication concern only those authors who have been informed by the Journal that their work has been accepted for publication.

  1. Authors should send submissions as e-mail attachments to the Editors. <> and/or <>
  2. All submissions should be preceded by a header containing the title of the manuscript and certain information about it, the name(s) of the author(s), any affiliations, mail and e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. The header should be formatted as in the following example:
  3. In the case of Research Articles please include an abstract of no more than 150 words after the header.
  4. Depending on the opinion of the editors or external evaluators, articles will be
    1. approved for publication without alteration,
    2. approved subject to modification, or
    3. declined.

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