Monograph series


The monograph series seeks to promote the same goals as the Journal, namely the publication of research in Arabic language and linguistics, Middle Eastern history, medieval and modern Arabic literature, and Islamic culture.

Editorial Policy

All submissions to the monograph series will be subjected to the same peer review process as for the Journal. The editor of the monograph series is currently Joseph N. Bell (University of Bergen, Norway).

Contributions published by the Journal are normally based on materials in Arabic and other Near Eastern languages. Research based on sources in Western languages will also be published in instances where the editors consider the material especially relevant.

Publication, marketing and distribution

The monographs are marketed by the Edinburgh University Press separately along with its other Middle Eastern and Islamic publications.

Costs and submission process

Monographs not exceeding 256 pages will require a subsidy of GBP 1750, to which the author(s) or their institutions will likely be asked to contribute.

Submissions should be sent in PDF format along with the original word processor file to  Lutz E. Edzard and/or Stephan Guth.

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