Greta Karoline Heien

Presentasjon av kandidat

Navn: Greta Karoline Heien
Stilling: Stipendiat
Foreslått av: Hannah Kristine Lunde
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Hvem er du?

I am a PhD student in Cultural History and I am part of the REA:Life project. I started in March of this year, so I am in my first year as a PhD. I am 32 years old and I live with my partner and a dog.

Hva mener du er viktig å fokusere på i den kommende styreperioden?

As a representative for the temporary employees, I will voice all needs and suggestions to the board on behalf of the PhD students at IKOS. An example of an issue I believe warrants extra attention this coming year is mental health. At this time, the pandemic informs our everyday lives and for many it has an exacerbating effect on stress and anxiety. For PhDs, I believe there are ways to address this challenge, for instance by 1) learning from other institutes at UiO that have formalized stress-reducing activities as part of the PhD program, and 2) provide practical resources and suggestions that might mitigate some common sources of worry among PhDs.

Hva kjennetegner en god instituttstyrerepresentant?

A representative speaks on behalf of everyone they represent so they should be up to date on topics and suggestions that is relevant for the board to discuss, and they should be prepared to argue their case in a clear and open-minded way.

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