Kandidatpresentasjon midlertidige vitenskapelige ansatte

Høsten 2021 skal det velges 1 representant og 2 vararepresentanter for midlertidig vitenskapelig ansatte med funksjonstid på 1 år.

Midlertidige vitenskapelige ansatte med stemmerett kan logge seg inn på https://evalg.uio.no for å avgi sin stemme.

Valget åpner 16 november og stenger 22 november.

Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckström

I cannot tell you why I am a candidate as I did not nominate myself. If elected I hope to be able to represent you in the true sense of the word, meaning that you tell me what to do and say, not the other way around. Consensus based popular assemblies, anyone?

Personside: Daniel Mohseni Kabir Bäckström

Hanne Amanda Trangerud


I am a PhD candidate in Religious Studies. Before starting at IKOS, I worked as a physiotherapist and later as a nurse in various institutions in Oslo and Viken (primarily hospitals).


Temporary employment in academia is precarious and challenging in many ways. It should therefore always be a priority to meet the various needs of this group, be they related to career development, cultural or linguistic factors, the working environment, or problems created by the Covid situation. These are among the issues that I want to focus on if I am elected to represent you in the Department Board. I will also be open to your inputs along the way.

Personside: Hanne Amanda Trangerud

Amna Mahmood

My name is Amna, and I am in the first year of my Ph.D. in the Study of Religion. I am 25 years old and come from a small town outside of Oslo. While undertaking masters at the University of Copenhagen, I also gained experience as a research intern at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. Previously, I have worked as a writing mentor (akademisk skriveveileder) for students with other first-languages than Norwegian at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Beside my work at IKOS I am an editorial member of VOKS Tidsskrift. 

In joining the department board, I hope to contribute to include temporary staff into the existing academic environment and the decision-making processes. Temporary staff bring a diverse set of skills as well as knowledge and experience from varied backgrounds and contribute to develop IKOS as a department. This can be achieved if IKOS ensures a secure and inclusive work environment, both academically and socially. This involves the department helping temporary staff to understand the working environment and role expectations as well as removing barriers and assisting them in adapting to and navigating in the manifold workplace that the department is.

Personside: Amna Mahmood

Sonja Irene Åman

My name is Sonja Åman and I am a doctoral researcher at IKOS, University of Oslo. Originally from Northern Finland, I have lived in Oslo for some 4 years and been at IKOS for 2,5 years. During my time, the department has added many new faces from all over the world but also faced the significant challenge of working through a pandemic. As a junior international researcher, I am keen to advocate for all of the staff members on temporary contracts to be best supported by the university during an extremely volatile time in academia. 

Questions of international researchers in Norwegian academia are becoming more and more politicised and the department must continue to work to secure a safe and welcoming work environment for all of its staff. As our department grows more international (and internationally acknowledged!), language or cultural differences cannot be used as an exclusionary tool anymore. As a representative, I will advocate for greater inclusion of temporary staff in decision-making. I think the department should be encouraged to provide more comprehensive career-development opportunities in both academic and non-academic fields in Norway and abroad. By offering courses and training seminars the department could help prepare junior staff entering the competitive international job-market.

Personside: Sonja Irene Åman

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