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Visual Culture and Visual Studies, Culture studies, South Asian Art History, Visual Anthropology.


2019     Teaching the MA course MES4000 "Theory and Methods in South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies" (with Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi) at IKOS, Fall 2019

2019     Designed and teaching ‘Bollywood and the Nation: Conflict lines in Modern India’ SAS 3031, India studies at IKOS, University of Oslo, Spring 2019.

2019     Supervising Sofie Wollbraaten’s MA dissertation 'Filmi Influence in the Diaspora: South-Asian-British men and Bollywood Romance', IKOS, UiO

2016    Taught (with Lars Tore Flaaten) ‘Introduction to India’, SAS 1500, at India Studies, IKOS, University of Oslo, Fall 2016

2016-17 Curated and lectured on two film series 'Bollywood: Then and Now' (Spring 2016) and 'Three Tragedies and A Comedy: Shakespeare in India' (Fall 2016)

2017      Internal Examiner for MA theses submitted to India studies at IKOS, University of Oslo

2013-19 External evaluator for the language program at India studies at IKOS, University of Oslo

2012    Designed and taught a course for undergraduate and post-graduate students entitled ‘Narratives in the Visual Arts’ at the Government College for Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. Fall 2012.


2016-20: Postdoctoral Fellow at the ‘Transgressions’ project, IKOS, University of Oslo Project: ‘Mahishasur Movement: Mythopolitics in South Asia’.

2012-16:  PhD in Visual Studies, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo.

Thesis: Clay-Modelling in West Bengal: Between art, religion, and politics

Supervisor: Prof. Ute Huesken, Prof. Tapati Guha-Thakurta

2009-11: MPhil in Social Sciences (Cultural Studies), Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta/Jadavpur University, India.

M Phil Thesis: Enframing Kumortuli: A Study in Space, Practice and Images

Supervisor: Prof. Tapati Guha-Thakurta

2007-09: MA in Arts and Aesthetics, School of Arts and Aesthetics/ Jawaharlal Nehru University



  • Received the Norwegian King’s gold medal (2017) for ‘outstanding, younger researcher for a scientific work’ for my dissertation submitted to the University of Oslo (2015).


  • Research assistant to Professor Tapati Guha Thakurta, a fellow of the ‘Centre for Studies in
    Social Sciences, Calcutta’ on her current project on the Durga Puja in Bengal. ( 2010-12)
  • Programme Officer at The Seagull Foundation for the Arts and the Seagull Arts and Media
    Resource Centre, Kolkata.
  • Research fellow in CIViC [ Centre for Indian Visual Culture], New Delhi.



Emneord: Sør-Asia


2019, ‘The Mahishasur Movement Online: A Precarious Network of Demon-Followers’, in Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, 8. 105-13

2019, ‘Durga did not kill Mahishasur: Hindus vs. Hindutva?’, in Outrage: the rise of religious offence in South Asia, ed. Kathinka Frøystad, Arild E. Ruud, Paul Rollier, UCL Press

Forthcoming, (MS compilation stage) ‘The Demon, the King, or the Rebel: Ideals of Masculinity in the Mahishasur Movement’ in Manly Matters: Representations of Maleness in South Asian Popular Visual Practice, digital version for Tasveer Ghar, and collection of essays edited by Sumathi Ramaswamy and Christiane Brosius, Orient Blackswan.

Forthcoming (Accepted for publication), ‘Can Didi truly become Durga? The Riddle of the Two Goddesses', in The Navaratri Festival: Devi, Dolls, and Darbars, eds. Vasudha Narayanan, Ute Huesken, Astrid Zotter, University of Washington Press.

  • Sen, Moumita (2019). ‘Durga did not kill Mahishasur’: Hindus, Adivasis, and Hindutva, In Paul Rollier; Kathinka Frøystad & Arild Engelsen Ruud (ed.),  Outrage: The Rise of Religious Offence in Contemporary South Asia.  UCL Press.  ISBN 9781787355286.  Chapter 6.  s 149 - 176
  • Sen, Moumita (2018). From the Great Goddess to Everywoman: Western Naturalism and the Durga Murti in West Bengal, In Knut Axel Jacobsen & Kristina Myrvold (ed.),  Religion and Technology in India: Spaces, Practices and Authorities.  Routledge.  ISBN 9780815384168.  Chapter 4.
  • Sen, Moumita (2018). Politics, Religion, and Art in the Durga Puja of West Bengal, In Caleb Simmons; Moumita Sen & Hillary Rodrigues (ed.),  Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navaratri Festival in South Asia.  SUNY Press.  ISBN 978-1-4384-7069-6.  Chapter 5.  s 105 - 120
  • Sen, Moumita & Simmons, Caleb (2018). Movements of Navaratri, In Caleb Simmons; Moumita Sen & Hillary Rodrigues (ed.),  Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navaratri Festival in South Asia.  SUNY Press.  ISBN 978-1-4384-7069-6.  Introduction.  s 1 - 22
  • Sen, Moumita (2016). Craft, identity, hierarchy: the Kumbhakars of Bengal, In Kenneth Bo Nielsen; Geir Heierstad & Uday Chandra (ed.),  The Politics of Caste in West Bengal.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-1-13-892148-1.  ch 10.  s 216 - 239

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  • Simmons, Caleb; Sen, Moumita & Rodrigues, Hillary (ed.) (2018). Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navaratri Festival in South Asia. SUNY Press.  ISBN 978-1-4384-7069-6.  374 s.

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  • Sen, Moumita (2016). Clay-modelling in West Bengal.

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