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Election of representatives to the Department Board of ILN

Election to the Department Board for students, technical and administrative staff and temporary and permanent academic staff will be held during November and December 2020.

Candidate nomination

The nomination deadline for candidates is 20 November 2020.

Nominations must be sent to and be signed by at least the same number as the number of candidates nominated. A copy to the nominators of the nomination email is accepted as signature.

This year's election

In the autumn of 2020 election is held in all 4 constituencies: 

  • permanent academic staff: 3 representatives and 3 deputy representatives
  • temporary academic staff: 1 representative and 2 deputy representatives
  • technical and administrative staff: 1 representative and 1 deputy representative
  • students: 2 representatives and 2 deputy representatives

The election period for the Department Board is 4 years for the permanent academic staff and the technical and administrative staff. For the students and temporary academic staff the election period is 1 year. 

Announcement of candidates

The names of the candidates and nominators as well as election platforms will be published at the Norwegian web pages after the nomination deadline.

Schedule for the election November and December 2020

  • Deadline to propose candidates: 20 November 

  • Election:  1 December - 10 December 

  • The election results will be posted: 11 December 

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