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About the Text Laboratory

At the Text Laboratory, we are working with language technology - with emphasis on both language and technology.

This is what we do:

  • Research and development of software and tools for language and text research
  • Development of databases and wordlists for many purposes
  • Corpora for speech, written languages and bilingual, parallel texts
  • Research into language technology and linguistics
  • Supervision and courses
  • Local, national and international projects. More about our projects.

The Text Laboratory provides technical assistance to MultiLing (Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan).

The Text Laboratory is a C centre in the european CLARIN infrastructure, read more about CLARINO Text Laboratory Centre.

The Text Laboratory leads UiO's Text Hub and also participate in the UiO-hubs for video and maps, see Hub/node-organisering av IT i forskning and the Videohub homepage (both in Norwegian). The Text Laboratory is coordinator for the language research node in Videohub.

See the list of tools and corpora developed at The Text Laboratory

 We offer:

  • solutions to problems within language technology for researchers, PhD students and MA students at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo
  • training and courses into the use of corpora, databases and other language technology tools
  • loan of A/V equipment (wireless lav mics, stereo and six-track recorders, video cam/mic sets, helmet cam etc).
    We also have two Dell i5 laptops (Latitude 7420 i5, 16GB ram, 474GB disk) and one 13" Macbook Air M1 (8GB ram, 256 GB SSD) which can be used for experiments, recordings or other shorter research tasks.
  • advice with transcription of audio and video files, etc, read more

Brief history

The Text Laboratory was established in 1992 by HF. From its inception, the Text Laboratory’s role was to accumulate tools and collections of texts, and supervise the faculty’s researchers in their use. While the Text Laboratory was initially a unit serving the entire faculty, it was later reassigned to the Department of Linguistics, due to structural reorganisation. As of 1.1.2005, owing to further reorganisation, the Text Laboratory has been a part of the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN).

Professor Janne Bondi Johannessen led the Text Laboratory from 1993 until her death, in 2020.


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