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Courses and supervision

Training in the use of corpora

The Text Laboratory arranges workshops for small and large groups in the use of corpora and search programs. Please contact us if you are interested in these courses.

Supervision for master students and PhD students

We can offer projects and supervision for future master students and PhD students in academic areas such as linguistics, computational linguistics and corpus linguistics, as well as Norwegian and other language. Please contact or come and visit us on the sixth floor of Henrik Wergeland's building for a chat. Below are some suggestions for master projects at The Text Laboratory and an overview of the students and research fellows who have received or receive help with their projects from us.

Suggestions for master projects at The Text Laboratory:

The project can be done in collaboration with The Text Laboratory staff.

  • Syntax / morphology: The pronoun system in the Oslo area. What case forms of personal pronouns are used in the Oslo region, nominative or accusative or both? Is there a difference in terms of grammatical person and number? Is there a difference w.r.t. syntactic position? What are the differences between east and west, young and old, ethnic Norwegian or multi-cultural background? The task can be anywhere from descriptive to fairly theoretical.
    Textlab resource: NoTa-Oslo
  • Syntax / lexicography: Negative polarity items in spoken language. What kind of negative polarity items (eg. "en tøddel"," five flat cent") can be found in the spoken language? What are the scope restrictions? What kind of words and structures trigger negative polarity items, and to what extent? The task can be anywhere from descriptive to theoretical.
    Textlab resource: NoTa-Oslo, the Big Brother-corpus, Nordic Dialect Corpus
  • Syntax / morphology: Binding conditions in spoken Oslo dialect. The relationship between the pronoun (eg. "he", "them") and anaphors ("himself)" is explained in the theoretical literature, but how well does the theory cover the actual language? What are the differences between east and west, young and old, ethnic Norwegian or multi-cultural? The task can be from descriptive to theoretical.
    Textlab resource: NoTa-Oslo, the Big Brother-corpus, the Oslo Corpus
  • Translation: Aspects of translation from Norwegian to related languages. Investigation of translations of Sophie's World (by Jostein Gaarder) to a number of Scandinavian and Germanic languages with a view to different linguistic factors (syntax, lexicon).
    Textlab resource: The Sofie Treebank
  • Programming: Annotation / automatic detection of various aspects of texts.
  • Text research: The use of metaphors and similii in the speech of the Oslo area.
    Textlab resource: NoTa-Oslo
  • Lexicography: Lexical aspects of the speech in Oslo.
  • Etc. ... See more suggestions in Norwegian

Master theses from former Tekstlab employees

Some former master/ PhD students at The Text Laboratory:


  • 2016-17: Yuki Minamisawa, ph.d, Osaka universitet, Japan
  • 2016:  Pavla Bartásková, master, Praha, Tsjekkia

At UiO:

  • 2016-19: Alexander Kristoffersen Lykke, ph.d
  • 2016-19: Yvonne van Baal, ph.d
  • 2015-18: John Koang (Addis Ababa University), ph.d
  • 2016-17: Linn Iren Sjånes Rødvand, master Lingvistikk
  • 2014: Åshild Søfteland, ph.d., Nordisk språk
  • 2013: Karine Stjernholm, ph.d., Nordisk språk
  • 2012: Eivor Finset Spilling, master Nordisk språk
  • 2011: Eirik Olsen, master, Linguistics
  • 2011: Stig Rognes, master, Linguistics
  • 2011: Beate Taranrød, master, Linguistics
  • 2010: Live Håberg, master, Nordic languages
  • 2010: Marius Olaussen, master, Nordic languages
  • 2009: Ann Helen Lea, master, Nordic languages
  • 2009: Anders Nøklestad, PhD, Computational linguistics
  • 2008: Åsne Haaland, PhD, Computational linguistics
  • 2007: Arne Martinus Lindstad, PhD, Linguistics
  • 2005: Gordona Ilic Holen, master, SLI
  • 2003: Lilja Øvrelid, hovedfag, SLI
  • 2003: Andra Bjørk Jonsdottir, hovedfag, SLI
  • 1999: Arne Martinus Lindstad, hovedag, Linguistics
  • 1997: Tone Rise, hovedfag, Linguistics, Universitetet of Bergen
  • 1992: Torbjørn Grønner, hovedfag, French

Some other master/PhD students who have received help from The Text Laboratory:

  • 2007: Laila Y. Henriksen, master, Linguistics
  • 2005: Thomas Myhrvang Gadourek, master, German
  • 2005: Tonje Raddum, IKOS
  • 2005: Eszter Horvati, master, Humanistisk informatikk
  • 2004: Pia Lane, PhD, Linguistics
  • 2005: Trine B. Egebakken, master, Linguistics
  • 2005: Kristin Fonnes, hovedfag, German
  • 2005: Einar Stubhaug, master, Humanistisk informatikk
  • 2003: Erik Velldal, hovedfag, SLI
  • 2003: Ragnhild Holberg, hovedfag, SLI



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