Second Workshop on Immigrant Languages in America

Wednesday  21. September

Travel by train Oslo/Oslo Airport Gardermoen – Vinstra. Two recommended alternatives:

  • 08.07/08.33 - 11.14: (Lunch and short walk at Fefor)
  • 10.37/11.05 – 14.01 (Change of train in Lillehammer. Buy lunch at the train)

15.30 – 15.40: Welcome

15.40 - 16.20: Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir (U Iceland):
On the Icelandic language in America [PRESENTATION]
16.20 – 16.40: Coffee and fruit

16.40 – 17.20: Arnstein Hjelde (HiØ):
The language of Coon Valley and Westby from the 1940s to 2010.

17.20 – 18.00: Janne Bondi Johannessen and Signe Laake (UiO):
The Norwegian Language of the American Midwest: Old-fashioned and standardised towards Bokmål?

19.00: Dinner

Thursday 22. September

09.00 - 09.40: Josh Brown (U Wisconsin) and Mike Putnam (Penn State U):
Functional convergence and extension in contact: Syntactic and semantics attributes of the progressive aspect in Pennsylvania Dutch

09.40 – 10.20: Merete Andersen and Marit Westergaard (UiT):
Word Order Variation in Bilingual Acquisition and Attrition: The Case of Norwegian Possessive Constructions [PRESENTATION]
10:20 – 10:40: Coffee

10:40 – 11:20: Brent Allen and Joe Salmons (U Wisconsin):
Heritage language obstruent phonetics and phonology: American Norwegian stop duration [PRESENTATION]

11:20 – 12:00: Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld (UiO):
Some comments on Leachman's Norsk-Engelsk Lomme-Ordbog. Norwegian-English Pocket Dictionary and Manual of Useful Information. Milwakee, Wis. USA 1897

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch

13.00 - 16.10 Walk to Feforkampen

16:10 – 16:30: Coffee and fruit

16:30 – 17:10: Tor Åfarli (NTNU):
Codeswitching data in amerikanorsk and the theoretical analysis of tense [PRESENTATION]

17:10 – 17:50: Ida Larsson (UiO), Maia Andréasson (GU), Benjamin Lyngfelt (GU), Jenny Nilsson (ILF), Sofia Tingsell (GU):
Swedish in America – past and present

19.00 Dinner

Friday 23. September

09.00 - 09.40: Mark L. Louden (U Wisconsin):
Extraclausal Structures in Amish Varieties of Pennsylvania Dutch

09.40 – 10.20: Kristin Eide and Arnstein Hjelde (NTNU and UiH):
On modality in immigrant language: The case of spu:st in spoken Norwegian in the Midwest

10.20 – 10.40: Coffee

10.40 – 11.20: Gunvor Flodell (U Umeå):
On Immigrant Swedish in Misiones, Argentina

11.20 – 12.00: Lucas Annear and Kristin Speth (U Wisconsin):
Some features of Norwegian in Wisconsin. [PRESENTATION]

12.00 – 16.30  Lunch and guided tour at Sygard Grytting - an old farm and a hotel -  owned by the same family during the past 700 years

16.30 – 16.40: Coffee and fruit

16.40 – 17.20: Todd Ehresmann and Joshua Bousquette (U Wisconsin): 
One feature of Wisconsin West Frisian morphophonology

17.20 – 18.00: Janne Bondi Johannessen (UiO): 
On attrition in American Norwegian Syntax

19.00 Workshop dinner   

Saturday 24. September

Travel by train Vinstra - Oslo Airport Gardermoen/Oslo:

  • 03.11 - 06.06/06.43
  • 06.09 - 09.08/09.34
  • 11.59 -14.40/15.11

11.00 Bus departs for the 11.59 train

Practical information


It is likely to be somewhat colder at Fefor than in Oslo, given its altitude. At the moment (September 06) it is around 8 degrees Celsius, but it will probably get colder. Two important sources of information about the weather:

Weather forecast for Fefor, in English


Given the nice location, the workshop program has a break at lunch time on Thursday with a walk to Feforkampen to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. You should therefore be prepared to have footwear that is comfortable for walking.
There is also a small swimming pool at the hotel.

Packing list

A warm sweater
Good walking shoes (trainers or mountain boots)
A rain proof coat
Woolen hat and gloves (just in case)
Swimming trunks/bathing suit

Travel reimbursement

Remember that you must keep ALL receipts, stubs of tickets, boarding cards etc. to get the journey reimbursed (for those of you who are eligible for funding). After the workshop you have to fill in the form(s) below. Look at the example below for how to fill in the travel expenses form. For those of you having a Norwegian bank account: fill in your bank account number. Others have to fill in the bank form as well. Send the form(s) and receipts to Kristin Hagen, ILN, Pb. 1102 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway


3 hours by train from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Vinstra station.
See recommended alternatives 21. September and 24. September in the program.

Contact if you have questions.