Third Workshop on Immigrant Languages in America

The Third Workshop on Immigrant Languages in America will be held at Penn State University, State College 27. - 29. September 2012, at the University Park campus, which is the main campus of Penn State University. 

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Topics: In the aftermath of immigration, new generations often speak “heritage languages”, a notion Rothman (2009) defines this way: “A language qualifies as a heritage language if it is a language spoken at home or otherwise readily available to young children, and crucially this language is not a dominant language of the larger (national) society.” Heritage languages have only recently become a major topic of interest among linguists, explored for their implications for linguistic theory, especially in terms of acquisition, attrition and change. This workshop aims to promote discussion of heritage languages across different languages, subfields and theoretical persuasions.

We invite abstracts on any aspect of the linguistics of heritage languages in the Americas, on structural, historical or sociolinguistic aspects in any framework. Work on acquisition and attrition is particularly welcome.

Subfields: language change, language contact, language acquisition, sociolinguistics.


  • Michael T. Putnam, Penn State University
  • Carrie Jackson, Penn State University
  • B. Richard Page, Penn State University
  • Joe Salmons, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Janne Bondi Johannessen, University of Oslo



  • Deadline for abstracts: May 31, 2012. Maximum two pages in length (including diagrams, charts, and references) should be sent anonymously to
  • Workshop: 27. - 29. September 2012.



University of Wisconsin-Madison



Michael Putnam, or other members of the organizing committee.