Glossa, NDC and Yvonne van Baal in Tour de CLARIN

The European infrastructure CLARIN presents their member countries through Tour de CLARIN. In January, Norway and the CLARINO project got the possibility to introduce themselves. In Tour de CLARIN, The Text Laboratory presents both the search tool Glossa and the Nordic Dialect Corpus (NDC).  PhD student Yvonne van Baal is also interviewed.

Below you can read a summary from Tour de CLARIN: Norway with links to the web articles.

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"This month ‘Tour de CLARIN’ visited Norway. Norway joined CLARIN ERIC as a member in 2015 after having been an observer since 2013. The Norwegian national infrastructure for language resources and technology is called CLARINO <>.

The recent Tour de CLARIN posts include an introduction to CLARINO <>, the resourse Nordic Dialect Corpus <>  (NDC) and the tool Glossa – a user-friendly corpus search system <>."

And also:

"Interview with Yvonne van Baal | CLARIN ERIC <>

Yvonne van Baal is a PhD student in linguistics who has has successfully used resources and tools developed at the CLARINO Text Laboratory.


Read more about Tour de CLARIN <> "




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