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Projects and tasks for The Text Laboratory

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Participation in projects

See an overview of completed projects

Other tasks

  • Maintenance of the CLARINO Text Laboratory Centre resources (see also the CLARINO project)
  • Maintenance of other resources and corpora at the Text Laboratory
  • New development of the search and post-processing tool Glossa
  • Leads UiO's Text Hub
  • Building new corpora: TraWL (Tracking Written Learner language), Icelandic corpus of youth language, Ethiopian corpora
  • Nynorsk version of IGIN
  • NEALTs home page and post lists
  • Participate in the UiO-hubs for video and maps, see Hub/node-organisering av IT i forskning and the Videohub homepage (both in Norwegian). The Text Laboratory is coordinator for the language research node in Videohub.
  • Support, guidance and assistance to researchers, research fellows and master students
  • Planning of new projects, research and publications




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