Eline Visser

Guest researcher

I'm a postdoctoral researcher (Wenner-Gren Fellow, funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundations). I work on clausal organisation in Uruangnirin, an Austronesian language of eastern Indonesia. I'm part of the project group Where does grammar come from?

I'm also a member of the Serial Verb Constructions across modalities research group at the University of Amsterdam.


Previously, I worked on Scandinavian prosody in the ExSynOp project at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

My PhD is from Lund University (Sweden), for which I wrote a grammar of Kalamang, a Papuan language of eastern Indonesia and a neighbour language of Uruangnirin.


Tags: Linguistics, Linguistic typology, Language change, Linguistic typology, Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, Language documentation, Grammar, Syntax



Visser, Eline. forthcoming. A grammar of Kalamang. Berlin: Language Science Press.

Visser, Eline. 2020. A grammar of Kalamang, the Papuan language of the Karas Islands. PhD dissertation, Lund University.

Articles & book chapters

Visser, Eline. forthcoming. The structure of Kalamang narratives. In Aone van Engelenhoven (ed.), Lokabasa Nusantara: Oral Traditions in Insular Southeast Asia. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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Visser, Eline. 2021. Of mace and monkeys: Kalamang texts. Texts in the Languages of the Pacific 2.

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Visser, Eline. 2015. Tensed evidentials: a typological study. Linguistic typology 19(2), 279-325.

Corpora & datasets


Visser, Eline. 2021. Multi-CAST Kalamang. In Haig, Geoffrey and Stefan Schnell (eds.). Multi-CAST: Multilingual corpus of annotated spoken texts.

Visser, Eline. 2020. The Kalamang collection: an archive of linguistic and cultural material from Karas. Lund University Humanities Lab.


Visser, Eline. 2020. Uruangnirin collection. Lund University Humanities Lab.


Visser, Eline. 2020. Geser-Gorom collection. Lund University Humanities Lab.

Visser, Eline. 2019. Geser-Gorom collection. The Language Archive.

Dictionaries & word lists

Visser, Eline. 2021. Kalamang - IDS word list. In Key, Mary Ritchie & Bernard Comrie (eds.). The Intercontinental Dictionary Series. Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Visser, Eline. 2020. Kalamang dictionary. Dictionaria 13.

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Visser, Eline. 2019. Uruangnirin. In Gereon A. Kaiping, Owen Edwards and Marian Klamer (eds.). LexiRumah 3.0.0. Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics.

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Visser, Eline. 2018. Kalamang. In Gereon A. Kaiping, Owen Edwards and Marian Klamer (eds.). LexiRumah 3.0.0. Leiden: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics.

Publications directed at the Kalamang community

Visser, Eline. 2021. Kamus bahasa Kalamang. [Kalamang dictionary.] A free mobile phone app with 3800 Kalamang lemmas, Indonesian and English translations, example sentences, and more than 600 pictures. Made with SIL's Dictionary App Builder.

Visser, Eline, Fajaria Yarkuran and Kamaruddin Gusek. 2019. Kuawi. Dongeng bahasa Kalamang. [Kuawi. A Kalamang tale. A children's book based on a Kalamang oral narrative, illustrated by Kalamang school children. Distributed in Mas, Karas, Indonesia. Self-published.


Selection. All talks about Kalamang have been superseded by the grammar.

Visser, Eline. 2019. ELAN - FLEx - ELAN. Uppladoc, Uppsala University. slides supplementary material

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