Eline Visser

Guest researcher

I'm a postdoctoral researcher (Wenner-Gren Fellow, funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundations). I work on clausal organisation in Uruangnirin, an Austronesian language of eastern Indonesia. I'm related to the project group Where does grammar come from?

I'm also a member of the Serial Verb Constructions across modalities research group at the University of Amsterdam.


Before starting this postdoc, I worked briefly on Scandinavian prosody in the ExSynOp project at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

My PhD is from Lund University (Sweden), for which I wrote a grammar of Kalamang, a Papuan language of eastern Indonesia and a neighbour language of Uruangnirin.


Tags: Linguistics, Linguistic typology, Language change, Linguistic typology, Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, Language documentation, Grammar, Syntax

Selected publications

You can find my publications and other material on my personal website.

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