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2013 - BA in Scandinavian Studies, Universität Wien.

2013 - Erasmus semester, Universitetet i Oslo.

2016 - MA in Scandinavian Studies, Universität Wien. MA thesis: Bedeutung und Bedeutungswandel christlicher Termini in altisländischer Historiographie aus sprachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive.

2019 - PhD in Old Norse philology/Medieval studies, title of doctoral thesis: "Kings and Mirrors: A Study of Rhetorical Strategies in the Materiality and Textuality of Konungs skuggsjá"


Spring 2020: 

Fall 2019:

Tags: Old Norse Philology, Cultural Memory, Paratext, Visual Culture, Paleography, Codicology, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Rhetoric, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Middle Ages, PhD


  • Heinz, Katharina (2020). Paratextual Ordering of "Old" Knowledge.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2020). Rhetorical appropriation and knowledge organization in Konungs skuggsjá.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2019). Kings and Mirrors. A Study of Rhetorical Strategies in the Materiality and Textuality of Konungs skuggsjá. Show summary
  • Heinz, Katharina (2019). PhD Education and Experiences: A Personal Road Map.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2018). Rhetorical Images in Njáls saga.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2017). Applied Rhetoric in Konungs skuggsjá.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2017). Bokstav eller bilde? Initialer og deres funksjon i Kongespeilet.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2017). Pedagogy and Rhetoric in The King’s Mirror.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2017). Rhetoric and Its Pedagogical Intentions in Konungs skuggsjá.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2016). Visual and Textual Relations in 13th Century Norwegian Manuscripts.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2016). Visuality as Gateway to Knowledge: Mnemonic Techniques in The King’s Mirror.
  • Heinz, Katharina (2015). Bedeutung und Bedeutungswandel aus sprachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive: Zum Beispiel trúa.

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