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PhD project 

In my PhD project I investigate how students in the upper primary level communicate when writing about climate and environmental issues in school. The material in my study is collected from the NORM-project. The goal of my project is to concretise and further develope tools for reading, understanding and giving feedback on these kinds of texts in school. 

My analyses has the term positioning as a starting point. Positioning means mapping how someone relate themselves to someone else with regards to something when they communicate. In my case, this means answering questions such as: What kinds of writing are the students invited to? What image do they present of themselves, of their reader and of the themes they write about? How is this positioning expressed in the texts the students write?


Academic interests

  • Student texts
  • Textual science
  • Literacy
  • Writing as a key competence
  • Communication analysis
  • Systemic functional linguistics


  • 2013: Master of Philosophy and Education, Teacher Education Programme, specialization in Nordic language and literature and rhetorics (University of Oslo)

I have also worked as an advisor for The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFFO) (2013-2017).

Tags: Non-fiction literature, Rhetoric, Writing research, Textual science, Literacy


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  • Berge, Kjell Lars; Marti, Kristin Torjesen & Skar, Gustaf Bernhard Uno (2018). Young Students’ Writing Development. A longitudinal study.
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