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Research Interests

  • Linguistic change
  • Nordic language
  • Heritage Languages
  • Norwegian in America
  • Phonology and Morphology
  • Morphosyntax (especially case) and Verb Syntax (especially Verb Movement)
  • Historical linguistics
  • Old Norse language
  • Old Norse philology and runology


  • NORDKURS, summer of 2013, 2014 and 2016
    • University sommer school for Scandinavian students of Nordic language. The teaching has been on Scandinavian language contact, language history, dialectology and Norwegian language standardization.
  • Norwegian for International Students (Fall 2011, Spring 2013)
    • Teacher's assistant being in charge of seminars focused on practicing spoken Norwegian.

Scientific Work Experience

  • Research assistant (Corpus linguistics/dialectology), part time, at The Text Laboratory (ILN, UiO), 2009-2013: The work was mainly with transliterations in the development of the Nordic dialect corpus. I also did some transcription and transliteration in the early stages of the development of the CANS, which I currently use in my research.
  • Research assistant (Old Norse Philology), full time, at the University of Bergen/National Library, 2015-2016: The work was with a new scholarly edition of the national law of king Magnús VI Hákonarsonr, the law-mender (lagabǿtir), and collation of textual variants from slightly more than 40 manuscripts. The work presupposed the ability to read unnormalized Old Norse well, and the ability to read the mediaeval manuscripts in the original.

Educational background

  • MA in Nordic linguistics, UiO
  • BA in Nordic linguistics, UiO
    • Norwegian grammar, sociolinguistics and dialectology, Germanic and Norwegian language history, Old Norse philology and Latin



  • Lykke, Alexander K. (2018). The Relation between Finiteness Morphology and Verb-Second: An Empirical Study of Heritage Norwegian, In Karoline Kühl & Jan Heegård Petersen (ed.),  Selected Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA 8).  Cascadilla Press.  ISBN 978-1-57473-473-7.  Artikkel.  s 71 - 79 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary

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