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Minority-language students' perspectives on being multilingual

On April 6th Helene Fulland from Statped will visit the Clinical forum. She defended her PhD before Christmas, and will talk to us about her work entitled: Language minority children's perspectives on being bilingual - On 'bilanguagers' and their sensitivity towards complexity.

Fulland's thesis addresses how language minority children in the Norwegian context perceive being bilingual based on semi-structured interviews with 56 Turkish-speaking and Urdu-speaking preadolescents. The study illustrates the variability in how children perceive themselves as language users within the family and among friends. The study also reveals children’s nuanced perceptions of the importance of being well skilled in their languages. Finally, the study illuminates children’s sensitivity towards complexities of their bilingual realities at home and at school, and furthermore how they are able to navigate themselves through these complexities in their daily activities. Issues of children possessing a language learner identity, their experiences of own bilingualism as inclusive and exclusive in monolingual and multilingual contexts, and their explorations of multiple markers of belonging when constructing own (bilingual) realities are discussed. A broadened understanding of children’s meaning making of bilingualism in middle childhood underscores the importance of acknowledging bilingualism as it unfolds at the individual level, and reminds of the need to incorporate bilingual multicompetences into future research and education.

This talk will be held in Norwegian.


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