Two new post docs on the MultiLing Aphasia Project

Kate Kuzmina and Leena Maria Heikkola joined the research group before the summer to work on MultiLing's new project on studies in multilingual aphasia.

Leena Maria Heikkola and Kate Kuzmina

Leena Maria Heikkola came to Oslo and MultiLing from Åbo/Turku in Finland where she did her PhD in neurolinguistics. In her current project she will investigate what we can learn about language processing in people with aphasia by using EEG/ERP. During her talk at the Clinical Forum she will tell us about what previous studies reveal about language processing in the different languages of mulitlingual people with aphasia, and she will give a short review of studies using EEG/ERP with people with aphasia.

Kate Kuzmina did her PhD on cognitive deficits and their role in language impairments in aphasia in Hong Kong. Here she will study whether and how aphasic language deficits impact the ability to anticipate upcoming linguistic information in a bilingual brain. She will talk to us about previous findings on predictive auditory language precessing in aphasia and bilingual speakers focusing on eye-tracking methodology, and introduce us to the research questions asked in the MultiLing Aphasia project and ways to answer them. 

Both talks will be given in English.


Tags: Aphasia, bilingual aphasia
Published Oct. 19, 2017 9:14 AM - Last modified Oct. 19, 2017 9:37 AM