Melanie Kirmess: Latest research from Sunnaas intensive aphasia groups

May 24 Melanie Kirmess will visit Forum for clinical linguistics and language acquisition to present research on SunCIST, a program for language treatment for persons with aphasia, tested at Sunnaas rehabilitation hospotal.

Førsteamanuensis Melanie Kirmess

Melanie Kirmess is associate professor at the Department of Special Needs Education, UiO. She is a speech and language therapist, and has carried out multiple research projects on aphasia rehabilitation. At the forum meeting on May 24 she will present ongoing research on constraint induced språkterapi (CIST), a treatment program focusing on intensive treatment of oral language. Below is a short summary for the guest lecture, which will be given in English. The event is open to everyone.

Latest research from Sunnaas intensive aphasia groups

I will present ongoing research from the intensive aphasia groups at Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital. The aphasia groups use a modified treatment approach within the constraint induced specter, lasting for 3 weeks per group in a clinical in-patient setting (SunCIST). Many participants apply for several attendances in those groups. Therefore, we are currently exploring data to evaluate the effect of a second participation. The presentation will provide a short introduction of the SunCIST program, existing outcome results for first time participation and preliminary results for comparison of the first and second time participation and its possible implications.

Published May 22, 2018 11:02 AM - Last modified May 28, 2018 11:40 AM