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Audun Rosslund: Babytalk in Tromsø

Audun is a PhD fellow at MultiLing, University of Oslo. He has a background in psychology and as a preschool teacher. His research interest spans the early years of cognitive development, especially language acquisition and the role of environmental input in shaping language outcomes.

Audun will give the talk in English.

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When interacting with infants and young children, adults fine-tune their speech signal by slowing down, heightening their pitch, expanding their pitch range and exaggerating their vowels. This speech register, known as infant-directed speech (IDS), functions as an ‘acoustic hook’ and is suggested to aid infants in the task of language acquisition. Yet, there seems to be cultural differences, and so far there is limited data on IDS to Norwegian children.

In this talk, I will present preliminary results from a study on IDS with data from parents and their 18-month-old toddlers in Tromsø, Norway. The study sought to examine the acoustic properties of storybook-read IDS, and will assess whether these properties, or the (articulatory) effort that parents make in IDS as compared to adult-directed speech (ADS), are related to toddlers' expressive vocabulary size.



Research group for clinical linguistics and language acquisition

This is an open event. A zoom link will be send via the forum's mailing list. If you wish to join, you can register to the clinical forum mailing list here. You may also contact the organizers Helene Killmer or Ane Theimann for more information.

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