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Christiane Lingås Haukedal and Ingeborg Sophie Ribu

Words for Well-being.

En kvinne med blondt hår og briller og en kvinne med brunt hår smiler til kameraet
Photo: UiO/Nadia Frantsen/Privat

Christiane and Ingeborg will be holding their talk in Norwegian. For more info, please visit the Norwegian version of this page.

Please note that this month's clinical forum will take place on a Monday.

About Christiane Lingås Haukedal and Ingeborg Sophie Ribu

Christiane Lingås Haukedal and Ingeborg Sophie Ribu are both associate professors in special needs education at OsloMet. Christiane holds a PhD from ISP, where she wrote her dissertation on the connection between language abilities and quality of life in children and young people with hearing impairment. Ingeborg wrote her dissertation on language impairment in people with dementia. They will be at the clinical forum to present and receive feedback on their new research project on language assessment and life quality in teenagers and young adults with developmental language impairment. 

This is an open event. A zoom link will be sent via the forum's mailing list. If you wish to join, you can register to the clinical forum mailing list. You may also contact the organizers Helene KillmerAne Theimann or Sarah Cameron for more information.

Tags: Clinical linguistics, language impairment, language assessment
Published Feb. 8, 2022 10:37 AM - Last modified Dec. 6, 2022 9:24 AM