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Aphasia and Oral Text Production

The project Aphasia and Oral Text Production (2008-2012) had two main objectives:

– to improve our knowledge of the language difficulties associated with aphasia in Norwegian with a particular focus on spoken discourse production

– to establish normative data on spoken discourse production, thus facilitating the use of a standard picture description task in aphasia assessments

About the project

Oral texts, such as narratives, descriptions and conversations, are the basic units of human communication. The production of coherent texts is, however, often challenging for speakers with aphasia, due to their difficulties in the use of lexico-grammatical resources. The oral text production by speakers with aphasia may thus be informative of general psycholinguistic issues, such as representations and processes in the mental lexicon.  

In language rehabilitation, comprehensive assessment of language and communication abilities is important. One of the outcomes of this project is a set of principled guidelines for the systematic assessment of spoken discourse production by speakers with aphasia.

Project group


  • Speech and language therapist (Logoped MNLL), Senior Adviser Line Haaland-Johansen (Bredtvet Resource Center)
  • Speech and language therapist (Logoped MNLL), Adviser Ingvild Røste
    (Bredtvet Resource Center)
  • Speech and language therapist (Logoped MNLL), PhD candidate Monica Knoph
    (Bredtvet Resource Center/Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies)
  • Professor Anna-Maija Korpijaakko-Huuhka (University of Tampere)
  • Speech and language therapist (Logoped MNLL), PhD Melanie Kirmess
    (Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital/Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo)
  • Eli Anne Eiesland (ILN, UiO)


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Tags: Clinical Linguistics, Language impairment, Aphasia
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