NorPhLex Events

NorPhLex is a network in phonological and lexical acquisiton financed by NordForsk. The network will organize seminars, workshops and PhD courses for its participants.

NorPhLex final seminar at Sommarøy outside Tromsø, Norway:

16-18 June 2013: The NorPhLex final seminar will take place at Sommarøy hotel, situated about 57 km outside of Tromsø, about 55 km from the airport.

The seminar will start around 15:00 on Monday the 16th, and be rounded off with lunch on Wednesday the 18th.  There will be 35 participants at this seminar - mostly well-known faces, but also a few new ones. The  invited speakers are Marilyn Vihman, Janne von Koss Torkildsen, Elinor Payne, and Dorthe Bleses.  The seminar program (pdf) is relatively intensive and covers the whole spectre of Network themes, and a set of different languages. The seminar is rounded off with lunch on Wednesday the 18th. Please download both the program and the abstracts (pdf) and bring them to the seminar.

By now, we know the arrival times of all the participants, and we have ordered minibuses to pick you up at the airport at three different points of time, corresponding more or less with your arrivals: One at 10:45, one at 12:45, and one at 13:50. Each of you will get a mail stating which bus you are allotted to. Those of you who will not be at the airport (for instance if you are already in Tromsø), must find a way to get to the airport in time for the bus.

To be refunded for your documented travel expenses (upper limit for staff NOK 4000, for PhDs and Post Docs NOK 3500) you have to fill in the form Expense refund.. All receipts, tickets, boarding passes etc must be attached (in original), and sent to :

Nadia Martinsen,
Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo
P.O.Box 1102 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway

Welcome to Sommarøy, and let's cross our fingers that we will enjoy the Midnight Sun!


12 - 16 November 2012: Workshop 1 and PhD Course in Methodology in Language Acquisition, Stockholm University

11–13 January, 2012: Kick-off Seminar, Klækken Hotel, Hønefoss, University of Oslo.

24-28 June 2013: Workshop 2 and PhD Course in Theories in Language Acquisition, University of Southern Denmark, taking place at Nyborg.


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