Sophus Bugge Annual Lecture: Craft, Rhetoric, and the Gothic Image: Concepts and Controversies

Professor Paul Binski.

The lecture will consider the impact of rhetorical analysis in medieval art history through the medium of sculpture. In fact, art media are not transparent but possess their own agency. That agency, it will be suggested, can be understood by considering the public "occasion" of sculpture and the making of artworks with that occasion in mind.

Ideas concerning craft, affect, materiality, representation and the senses will be investigated to see what light they may, or may not, shed on the study of Gothic art of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries throughout north-western Europe.

About Sophus Bugges Annual Lecture

Sophus Bugge is a foundational figure for the study of Scandinavian, and most prominently Old Norse culture and language. The Sophus Bugge Annual Lecture series aims at presenting international and excellent research in the multidisciplinary study of the Scandinavian Middle Ages in the tradition of Sophus Bugge.


Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN), Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (IFIKK), Faculty of Humanities (HF) and Norwegian School of Theology (MF).

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