Project activities and results

Comparative questionnaire studies

Based on the results of the corpus studies, the (potential) existential use of German, Norwegian, and Swedish man and its discourse behavior was investigated in three parallel questionnaire studies. German, Norwegian, and Swedish participants were presented with utterances containing man in context and had to judge whether these utterances were acceptable in the given context.

Native speaker consultants (construction of materials):

  • Norwegian: Åshild Løvvig
  • Swedish: Heidi Darvell

First results have been presented at LingORG.

Corpus studies: the interpretation and use of man

Three corpus studies were conducted to investigate the range of possible uses and interpretations of German, Norwegian, and Swedish man. For each of the three languages, a random sample of attested uses of man was further annotated by native speaker annotators for grammatical properties that correlate with different generic and existential uses of impersonal pronouns as described in Gast and van der Auwera 2013 and Cabredo Hofherr 2015.


  • German: Judith Lauterbach, Sarah Zobel
  • Norwegian: Tonje Andersen, Ingvild Røsok
  • Swedish: Larissa Darvell, Victor Frans

Annotation manual: PDF (Version Dec 2019)

First results of these studies for German and Norwegian have been presented at NGL 12 (Slides).

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