Research topic: Henrik Ibsen

The multidisciplinary field of Ibsen studies has four primary areas of specialisation at the Centre for Ibsen studies: Ibsen’s works as literature, Ibsen’s works in performance, the historical and cultural context for Ibsen and his works, and the global reception of Ibsen and his works.

We explicate Ibsen’s texts as literature from various theoretical approaches, drawing on areas such as aesthetics, gender studies, history of ideas, ideology critique, comparative literature, linguistics, philosophy, psychology and sociology.

We engage in both qualitative and quantitative performance analyses of Ibsen’s plays. In 2014, the Centre for Ibsen Studies launched IbsenStage, a relational event-based database containing all known performances of Ibsen’s plays that will serve as a platform for more extensive quantitative Research within digital humanities.

We examine the historical and cultural contexts for the development of Ibsen and his works, as well as figures closely associated with Ibsen with a focus on biography, history of ideas, and theatre history.

We explore the reception of Ibsen and his works, both in Norway and around the globe from a variety of perspectives, including comparative literature, reception studies, cultural studies, film studies, and adaptation studies.

Research centres

Centre for Ibsen Studies

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Published Feb. 8, 2013 11:28 AM - Last modified Jan. 3, 2019 9:37 AM