Research topic: Language technology

Language technology is an interdisciplinary research field where computers play a central role.

In the hybrid field of linguistics and information technology, language technologists work to develop services and tools for use both in linguistics and in all imaginable services and products which deal with language.

Business and industry makes extensive use of language technology. Correction programs for spelling and grammar are new developments in language technology that are familiar from everyday life. Research in language technology also underlies programs for automatic translation, intelligent search engines, speech recognition and speech synthesis.

Language technologists also work with theoretical problems in the research field, which can be lexicographical questions, syntactic analyses or development of algorithms.

A typical research application of language technology is the organisation of large collections of texts or speech. Such digital collections are called corpora. A corpus can be assembled from various texts collected from, for example, fiction, newspapers or the internet. It can also consist of sound recordings with associated transcriptions.

A corpus makes it possible to analyse enormous quantities of data to uncover patterns in speech or writing.

At the University of Oslo there are two units which work with language technology: The Text Laboratory and the Unit of Digital Documentation.

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