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NORINT Norwegian Language Courses, Norwegian Life and Society, NORINT0500:

  • NORINT, Norwegian Language Courses for International Students
  • NORINT0500, Norwegian Life and Society
  • One year advanced programme in Norwegian language and literature for international students

Student adviser:

Kathrine Kjellmann Brachel


  • Research Education, PhD courses


  • Linguistics

Student adviser:

Britt Marie Forsudd

  • Ibsen Studies

Student adviser:

Gunnhild Ulfsrud

Norwegian and Nordic Literature

  • Norwegian literature
  • Rhetoric and linguistic communication
  • Contemporary Scandinavian Film: Cultural, Aesthetic and Literary Approaches

Student adviser:

Morten Hvaal Stenberg

  • Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture
  • Runology
  • Old norse

Student adviser:

Karianne Risvik Johnsen

  • International student exchange
  • Nordkurs


Nina Kulsrud

Knutepunktet - International Student Reception

Visiting Address

Lucy Smiths hus

Problemveien 9, Ground floor.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 10 -15


(+47) 22 85 82 00


International Student Reception