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Courses and registration

The Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies offers Norwegian courses from level 1 to 4 for international students.

These courses are meant for foreign students admitted to UiO as international students.


Follow each of these links to find specific course information. In addition, you will find a link to the semester pages (Autumn or Spring semesters), where you will find information about schedules and exam information.

NORINT0105M - Beginners level, 30 hours of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) combined with 12 hours of teaching on campus, altogether 42 hours
NORINT0114 – Beginners level, 60 hours introductory course
NORINT0110 – Level 1, beginners level, 84 hours course
NORINT0120 – Level 2 intermediate level
NORINT0130 – Level 3, advanced level
NORINT0141 – Continuation of Level 3, written language
NORINT0142 – Continuation of Level 3, oral language
NORINT0190 – Phonetics (pronunciation)
NORINT0500 – Norwegian Life and Society

The courses listed above vary from 5 to 20 credits. 60 credits is considered a full-time course load for a single academic year.
NORINT0110, NORINT0120, NORINT0130 in comparison with the Common European Framework Reference, CEFR, for Languages (pdf)

Printable information sheet about NORINT courses (pdf).

The transcript of records is your official document from UiO to show that you have completed your Norwegian course. You order this transcript through StudentWeb.

Which beginners course to choose

  • NORINT0105M is designed for students who wish to learn basic Norwegian, who have busy schedules, taking 30 ECTS or more in one semester
  • NORINT0114 is designed for students staying in Oslo for 1 semester. Taking this exam will not give you access to the intermediate course NORINT0120
  • NORINT0110 is the extensive beginners course, designed for students who wants to have the opportunity to continue learning Norwegian in the intermediate course NORINT0120

When can I sign up for the courses?

You can apply for courses for the spring semester 2020 from December 3rd. The deadline for applying is January 9th. The results from the admission process will be available in StudentWeb on January 13th.

The admission is done in accordance with the Priority List, so it does not matter at what time you apply in StudentWeb (as long as you apply before the deadline).

How to sign up for courses

You sign up for the Norwegian courses on the StudentWeb.

Before you log on to the StudentWeb:

  • Find the schedules for the classes under the course codes above, then enter the link (to the semester page) "Høst/Vår 20xx" ("Autumn/Spring 20xx") and "Timeplan" ("Schedule").
  • Compare the schedules with the schedules for your other courses, and while registering for Norwegian classes, try to avoid time clashes.

Log on to StudentWeb and Click on the large green button 'Start registration'

  • If you have an education plan: add the courses you wish to take.
  • Apply for classes. You will not be able to register for the exam when you are applying for NORINT, so just click "next". You will be registered for the exam, by us, after you have been given admission to the course.
  • Save and complete the registration sequence.

If you are unable to find the Norwegian courses in your Education Plan, please follow the instructions below:

After logging in to StudentWeb, you must first do your Semester Registration. The Semester Registration must be completed and your Education Plan saved before you register for your Norwegian courses.:

  • Choose "My active courses" in the menu at the top of the page
  • In the 'course code'-field, type the course code, then press 'search'
  • Click on 'Add'
  • Choose the semester you are applying for and register for 3 different classes in a prioritized order.
  • After clicking "Next" you will come to the exam registration. You will not be able to register for the exam when you are applying for NORINT, so just click "next". You will be registered for the exam, by us, after you have been given admission to the course

Does it matter if the Norwegian courses are part of my education plan?

Whether you apply for Norwegian courses through your education plan or not, does not matter as the admission is based on a list of priority. Incoming international students, who are not doing a whole degree at the University of Oslo, should be able to put the courses into their education plan but it is not necessary as it has no bearing on the admission process. 

Master's degree students doing a degree at the University of Oslo are not able to put Norwegian courses in their education plan because it is only intended for courses that are part of their master's degree. The NORINT courses cannot be taken as part of a master's degree at the University of Oslo, they must be taken in addition to the degree.

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