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Instruction for submitting written assignments

How not to plagiarize

As a student at the Faculty of Humanities, you will write academic home assignments. In order to write a good assignment, it is essential that you use sources correctly. Please read this introduction to the four basic principles of using sources: reference, paraphrase, quotation and list of references.

Students at the Faculty of Humanities are no longer obliged to hand in a declaration concerning the proper use of sources and quotation. You can read more the University of Oslo's rules and regulations relating to sources, quotation and cheating on this web-page.

You can read more about how to write and cite properly by clicking on "Write and Cite" below.

Written assignments on paper

  1. Complete the front page (.pdf) with candidate number, course code, year and semester, and if there has been multiple tasks to choose from, please also include the number or title of the task you have chosen.
  2. Staple the front page to your written assignment. Please do not use paperclips, folders or the like.
  3. Submit your assignment in two complete copies at the department's front office within the deadline. The front office is located at the 5th floor Henrik Wergelands House. Opening hours are between 12:30 and 15:00.

If someone else is to submit your assignment for you, you yourself need to ensure that of the above has been done properly.

Written assignments in Fronter

For further information see the semester page of the relevant course and its Fronter room.

Front page for the assignment

Front office

Henrik Wergeland's House, 5th. floor
Niels Henrik Abel's Road 36

Opening hours: 12:30-15:00

Phone: +47 22 85 62 27
Fax: +47 22 85 71 00